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Gala Week

5th - 11th August  2018


From a modest beginning, Gala Week is now a huge undertaking organised by a small band of dedicated volunteers – the Gala Committee. Numerous fund raising activities throughout the year allow the committee to keep the gala a FREE FAMILY EVENT and make it bigger and better each year.  

The scope of fund raising activities ranges from quiz nights, bingo, sing songs, the Gala Day parade and much more.

This years main arena events
  • Galloping Acrobatics

    Galloping Acrobatics specialise in providing flamboyant vaulting based horse displays, arena acts and entertainment for events and shows throughout the UK.

  • Vander Wheel of Death

    With only body strength and momentum the performers work the wheel up to speed which then allows them to do tricks and jumps. The daredevils then swing to the outside, perform juggling, skipping and even walk the outside completely blind-folded at heights of 35ft.

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